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The return of unmissable events: Prix Epicures and Les Chefs celebrate producers. Immerse yourself in a memorable gastronomic experience!

A look back at the latest Spring events.

Domaine Jòlibois traveled during these first moments of spring, from Paris to Saint-Tropez, we share with you the events that made the domain and our olive oils shine.

Our complete range of olive oils and our balsamic vinegar were in the spotlight and took you to the heart of our confidential Provence.

Producers' Market: Gastronomy comes to Saint-Tropez

In Saint-Tropez, the producers' market took place over three days, from May 4 to 6, 2024, highlighting local chefs and producers.

In a friendly and festive atmosphere, visitors have the opportunity to taste a fine selection of dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal products, directly from the Mediterranean region.

Between live cooking demonstrations, commented tastings and meetings with producers, this event is a true immersion in the Mediterranean art of living.
True ambassadors of French gastronomy, the chefs promote seasonal and local products through various activities.

In addition to delighting the taste buds, “Chefs Celebrate Producers” also celebrates the strong ties that unite the players in local gastronomy, highlighting the artisanal know-how and passion that drive each link in the food sector.

A few words from the founders of Domaine Jòlibois:
The farmers' market in Saint Tropez is an incredible event for us! The opportunity to meet our customers, to let them taste our olive oils and above all to spend a unique moment in a friendly atmosphere!

Epicures Prize: The world of delicatessens put in the spotlight

The Prix Epicures is an annual celebration that honors excellence in the field of delicatessen, highlighting the artisans and exceptional products that delight palates around the world.

From extra virgin olive oil to aged cheeses, artisanal chocolates and rare wines, the Epicures Prize celebrates the diversity and quality of the products that enrich our culinary experience.
The Prix Epicures brings together a large number of companies in the field of delicatessen, bringing together experts and gastronomy enthusiasts each year to discover, evaluate and reward the best products on the market.
An unmissable event, the Epicures Prize reveals the trends and values ​​that are shaping the market of tomorrow.

We are keen to share our sustainable and long-term approach within Domaine Jòlibois.

A few words from the Founders of Domaine Jòlibois:
We participated in the Prix Epicure for the first time and we were delighted to meet the major players in the delicatessen sector. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to present our world and our olive oils.

We hope to meet you soon at future events and at Domaine Jòlibois.


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