We advocate respect for nature in order to extract the best from it while preserving the fauna and flora. Organic farming, saving natural resources and protecting biodiversity are important to us.

Entrepreneurs, consumers, citizens and parents, we are sensitive to the impact and sustainability of our olive growing activity. It is therefore vital to take care of people, the land and to give a soul to our products.


The AOP designates a product of which all stages
manufacturing are carried out according to a
specifications and know-how
recognized in the same geographical area.

Sustainable, responsible agriculture

We are respectful of the environment, of the resources at our disposal, anxious to respect the land that we have taken over.

Our responsible cultivation methods give them their typicality. Our estate is certified by the ECOCERT organization with the “oil from organically produced olives” label.

We are committed to protecting biodiversity, essential to the flourishing of our olive trees. Eight months a year, the sheep from the neighboring sheepfold graze on the hectares of our olive trees. They provide organic matter and maintain the olive grove.