A magical place where Provencal hedonism is discovered with wonder and passion.


Domaine Jòlibois is the fruit of the passion of a young couple, Anne-Sophie and Clément, for the Alpilles, Provence and its olive trees.

When the opportunity presented itself to take over 240 hectares of abandoned olive trees, we took on the crazy challenge of producing exceptional organic and PDO certified olive oil. With the help of our team, we work tirelessly to rehabilitate the olive trees and create pure nectar with unique aromas.


The Jòlibois estate is much more than just a place of olive oil production.

It is a true Provençal art of living, confidential, which can be discovered among the olive trees and holm oaks, through preserved nature and an exclusive environment.

Discover our Confidential Provence


Our olive grove is a perfect marriage between rocks
located on the north slope, at the foot of the Alpilles Massif and the pebbles which adorn the south slope in the heart of the Crau plain. This unique union creates
an olive grove rich in biodiversity and harmony.

Bonelli's eagles fly over the region, hares, foxes and partridges coexist in this protected and remarkable olive grove,
where serenity and naturalness reign supreme.