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In the heart of the Alpilles, Domaine Jòlibois extends over more than 180 hectares. Since October 9 and for more than 2 months, we have been harvesting our olives for the first time.
This step is a key moment in the production of our olive oil .

The Estate enjoys an exceptional geographical location, nestled between the rocks of the north slope, at the foot of the Alpilles massif , and the pebbles of the south slope, in the heart of the Crau plain. This unique alliance creates an olive grove rich in biodiversity where each element contributes to the quality of the olives and thus that of the olive oil.

Harvesting olives is an essential step in olive growing. The method and time of picking have an impact on the quality of the fruits and the green gold extracted from them.

Each olive variety has its characteristics, particularly regarding maturity. This is why, at Domaine Jòlibois, we harvest variety by variety, with the aim of enhancing all their organoleptic qualities. Every olive counts, and each variety is pampered to produce exceptional olive oils.

We use 2 harvesting methods:

The first method, faster and more efficient, consists of unrolling an automatic tarpaulin around each tree to harvest the olives with an electric or manual comb. After 5/6 minutes spent dropping the olives, the tarpaulin folds on itself, thus trapping the olives. They are grouped together on a conveyor belt where a first sorting is carried out: the leaves are returned to the land while the olives collect in a bin.

The second method, more traditional, is done entirely by hand. A net is placed on the bed of olive trees. We install a ladder, and with a manual comb we make the olives fall. Once the olive tree is exposed, we collect the olives to store them in a palox.

Harvested olives must be processed as quickly as possible. Any delay could lead to oxidation detrimental to the quality of the olive oil. This is why, every day, the freshly picked olives are transported to the mill, where the magic happens.

Domaine Jòlibois is a place where tradition combines with modernity, where passion mixes with precision, and where each drop of olive oil carries with it the unique character of the Alpilles. With meticulous harvests, a dedicated team, and a deep respect for the land, Domaine Jòlibois produces olive oils of remarkable quality that capture the essence of Provence and the know-how of the olive growers .


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